Yugipedia Deck Builder for YuGiOh App Reviews

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Good deck builder

The deck builder is very nice & so is the test for opening hands, very good in that regards. The only suggestion would be to add computer bots and add the phases of the duel. & maybe a touch of less ads but otherwise this is a great app to shuffle your deck and test your opening play. Would love to see an update that would include these features.

Not to baaaad

Basically gets some getting used to But it’s great for test hands!

Great except...

The app works wonderfully and does what it’s supposed to! I just wish the UI was a little nicer.

Incredibly useful!

Wanna look up a card? You can do just that with this app! Wanna build decks or remake yours? This app can do that! Wanna field test your deck? This app lets you do that! Wanna view the ban list and restrictions? Guess what? This app lets you do that! My only concern is when field testing, being able to draw a specific card from the deck. You can’t really do this just yet, but I hope we will be able to soon!

Remember to put apostrophes!

I noticed on a lot of the newer cards that whoever’s typing their lores is neglecting to put apostrophes to indicate (grammatical) possession, e.g. typing “this cards effect” instead of “this card’s effect”. Please take care to put apostrophes where they should go so that people don’t get confused.

Lets you test hands

Its good

Great app

This is a great deck builder. It has most if not all the cards in the yugioh TCG(trading card game). 10/10 would recommend it!

Awesome Yugioh deck-building app

This deck-building app is the best free DB I’ve seen and it is also free and you get every card under the sun so you can get really creative decks and there is barely any ads to worry about. Overall I give it a 5 out of 5! It’s rare for me to give an app 5 out of 5 so well done!

Does what it says

Thats all

Great Dueling go-to app

If you need a card description on the fly or you want to build a deck, or just check the banlist, you need this app. Been always great, updates are slow, but this still is top quality

The best great

The best, great, how it never goes away

All good. A little slow on updates, but it has everything I’m looking for.

I like to build decks frequently just for the hell of it. I’ve tried other apps, but this one always felt the best to me. It especially is good because it uses the pictures for each card when going down a list, making it easier and faster to identify the cards. It’s always up to date in everything that comes out in America. Though one big problem is that there are cards coming out in Japan that are in other apps but not this one. Eventually it comes out, but it takes months to come out in comparison to other deck building apps. The formatting for this app though is fabulous. It keeps up on errattas, banlists, and if there’s an error, it fixes it almost immediately. The app is great, I can see the photos of cards. The only down side is certain cards don’t have an aligned photo, for example “The Legendary Exodia Incarnate” but I can still see the card, so it’s not a problem. Besides that this is the best deck building app I’ve had.

Amazing Deckbuilding App

I LOVE Yugioh, and this is my go to app when I want to look at Yugioh cards. There is this Ygolite app for the iOS, but it doesnt provide pictures or easy Deckbuilding. The only problem with this I would say is the Duel function, which is really annoying for me to keep drawing cards and putting them back so that I could a card out. Either way, I still love this app.


Perfect !

Fix your app!

I love this app it’s super convenient! But I was just building a deck for someone and now I cannot share the deck list or file, because every time I click share it freaking crashes! Please fix this!

Thank u

A perfect place to know and collect some cards

Absolutely handy!

If you love playing Yugioh, then this is your best friend when it comes to looking up cards and putting together a deck!

Almost perfect.

The only thing missing in this app is rulings. And maybe tips.

Cool beans

This is very helpful!

Great Application of Deck Building

This app is very useful for checking the whole card database and complete updated banned list. It also allows you to test you deck creation with a solitaire style in either format.

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